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Third World Economic Review (TWER)             ISSN 2045-2187

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Friday Ebose Iyoha

Aim/Scope:  Third World Economic Review is a peer-reviewed journal takes a multidisciplinary view of the entire gamut of the economic challenges of the developing economies in the world. Third World Economic Review accepts articles, essays, book reviews in such subject areas but not limited to: economics, sociology, politics, anthropology, political economy, law, business and other social sciences of the third world. Third World Economic Review is published in co-operation with the Centre for Development and Security.

Editorial Board:

Zhang Zhiziang, Vice President, Wuxi Institute of Commerce PRC
Chigozie Tom Ezi, Delta State University
Gui Haijin, Dean Information engineering Dept., Wuxi Institute of Commerce PRC.
Jokull Johannesson, University of Northampton, UK
Mark Anikpo, University of Port Harcourt
Iryna Palona, University of Liverpool, UK
Mathew Eborimie, Western Niger Delta University
Thimothy C. Okeke, Livingstone College, USA.
S. Aminul Islam, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
S. M. Shamsul Alam, University of Southern Oregon, USA.
Golam Mathbor, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Scienmces, Monmouth University, USA.


Call for articles:  Please send your submissions to editortwer@oxfordap.com

Third World Economic Review Volume 1 Issue 1. 2011.

ISSN 2045-2187

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Table of Contents

Technology transfer and national development in Nigeria: Critical issues and prospect, Dr. Kinikanwo A. Anele,  

Aniefiok Sunday Ukommi, Christian Iheanacho Agboti, Emmanuel Oblahu Agha.

The land use act and change in the social structure of Nigerian rural communities,

Okereke, Ogbonnaya Jerry.

The Challenges and Prospects of Policing in Nigeria’s Transitional Democracy: The Latest Innovation in Non-lethal Weapons Puzzle, Ngboawaji Daniel Nte.

Informal productive forces and class conflict: An examination of urban socio-economic changes in Nigeria.

J.D Atemie and C.D. Eberniro.

Environmental advocacy in the Niger delta region on Nigeria: The theatre option, Karma Ilami Clive.

Political economy of corruption and youth violence in Nigeria, Akani, Christian.

Road transport system management and traffic in Lagos, south western Nigeria, Atubi, Augustus, O.

Community relation of development, J.D. Atemie and Chioma D. Ebeniro.

Economic environment of higher education institutions in Uganda, Jokull Johannesson, Peter Kien-hong YU.

An overview of the rural health care system in Nigeria. Abiodun, J. Oluwabamide.

Changes in the opportunity structure in the rivers state labour market and its determinants, Godly Otto.