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International Corporate Governance and Regimes (ICGR) ISSN 2045-4899

International Corporate Governance and Regimes is a peer-reviewed occasional paper series, promoting studies related to issues on international governance, global governance, international corporate governance, and corporate governance, as well as on international regimes, international corporate regimes, and corporate regimes.  The board of editors also welcomes author(s) to apply the one-dot theory, which is accompanied by the crab and frog motion model, or other theories and models to conduct research and writing.

Editor-in-Chief:  Peter Kien-hong YU

Assistant Editors: Hung-Yi JAN and CHIANG Chun-chi


International Editorial Advisory Board:


WANG Gungwu, Editor of China: An International Journal (Singapore)

James C. Hsiung, former Executive Editor and Consulting Editor of Asian Affairs (USA)

Leszek Buszynski, Academic Editor of Routledge (UK)

Yale H. Ferguson , former Co-Director, Division of Global Affairs, Rutgersā€”the State University of New Jersey (USA) and member on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Global Governance (USA )

Ted L. McDorman, editor of Ocean Development & International Law (Canada)

Farhang (Frank) Sefidvash, Coordinator, Research Centre for Global Governance (Brazil)

Rosaleen Smyth, former co-editor of Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal (Australia)

Richard W. Wilson, former editor of East Asia: An International Quarterly (USA)

Call for Submissions: Please submit your papers to



International (Corporate) Governance and Regimes Volume 1 Issue 1, 2011.

ISSN 2045-4899


The Study of China Should Begin with One Dot, Peter Kien-hong YU, Shawn S. F. KAO, CHEN Chien-jen.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development, MOLUNO, Shedrack Uwadinisu.

The Study of Politics and Non-Politics Should Begin with One Dot, Peter Kien-hong YU,  W. Emily CHOW.
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