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Global Journal of African Studies (GJAS)           ISSN 2045-2594

Editor-in-Chief:   Prof. Benjamin Okaba

Aims/Scope: The Global Journal of African Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that gathers and advance knowledge through research in such areas African development, security and sub-regional and regional co-operation and the role of Africa in the world. Global Journal of African Studies accepts articles, essays, reports, book reviews and analysis of these areas. The Journal has a multidisciplinary scope and cuts across such disciplines as history, literature, archeology, international studies, anthropology, gender studies, arts, sociology, politics, media studies etc.

Editorial Board:

Charles Otokpom, University of Port Harcourt
Armstrong Adeyo, Benue State University Makurdi
Gui Haijin, Dean Information Engineering Dept Wuxi Institute of Commerce PRC
Iryna Palona, University of Liverpool, UK
Jokull Johannesson, University of Northampton, UK 
Telle Dandeson Ayasuk, African Centre for Education and Development, Nigeria 
Waum Tehemba, I. B. B. University, Lapal
Zhang Zhixiang, Vice President, Wuxi Institute of Commerce PRC  
Thimothy C. Okeke Livingstone College, USA. Professor of Social Work
S. Aminul Islam, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

S. M. Shamsul Alam, University of Southern Orego, USA. Past editor of African Journal of Sociology.

Golam Mathbor, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Scienmces, Monmouth University, USA.



Call for papers: Please send your submissions to editorgjas@oxfordap.com


Global Journal of African Studies Volume 1, Issue 1 2011

ISSN 2045-2594


The changing patterns of small and light weapons (SALW) proliferation and the

challenges of national security in Nigeria, Ngboawaji Daniel Nte.

The dynamics of Sharia adoption in northern Nigeria and women rights: An ethical

Analysis, Adebayo O. Adejumo, R.N. PhD. Fwacn.

From international (transnational) prostitution to international migration of labour in

Nigeria, Kinikanwo A. Anele, Ph.D., Emimeke Henry Dienye.

The undercurrents of religion and permeation of poverty in Nigeria, Elias Darlington Anzaku, Ph.D.

The transforming of the oil producing states: The roadmap to peace in the Niger delta, Dr. (Barr.) Ebitu, Edidiong Ezekiel.

A denomination in search for change: The celestial church of Christ example, Adfjoke Fadirepo.

The social environment of higher education institutions in Uganda, Jokull Johannesson,

Peter YU Kien Hong.

Urbanization and loss of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK): Lessons from

Rumuodomaya Community in Rivers State,

Raimi Lasisi, Ekpwnyong, Alfred S., Wabah, Goodnews N.

Underfunding of education and Africa’s development challenges: Issues and perspectives

OTU Ekpenyong.

History of higher education development strategy in Uganda, Jokull Johannesson.

The dynamics of global terrorism, multilateralism and counter terrorism efforts:

Prospects, challenges and implications for Nigeria’s national security, Ngboawaji Daniel Nte.

The director and the enhancement of the theatricality of African traditional festivals: A

study of the use of oral dialogue, songs, dances and masks in Owu-Oma festival in Orodo, Innocent Chinyere Ohiri (Ph.D).

Definitional Chaos and the Crises of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, MOLUNO, Shedrack Uwadinisu, ESEDEBE, Joseph Ejima.

Traditional festivals and cultural tourism in Nigeria: Ikwerre wrestling festival case, Karma Ilami Clive, PhD.

A comparative analysis of modern and indigenous settlement of cases, Dr. Paul Eke.

Communication and social change in Africa, OTU Ekpenyong.

Case studies of family expressed emotion for persons living with schizophrenia in delta

state of Nigeria, Christian Ewhrudjakpor.


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